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Gold for investment purposes has been popular as a safe economic haven throughout history. As an investment gold bullion or gold coins (bullion rounds) are a proven asset diversifier that can be used to reduce overall risk in an asset portfolio. In the long term gold can be a perfect hedge against inflation or economic uncertainty. Buying gold in bar or bullion form is the most cost effective method due to the low broker commissions. But many smaller investors choose to hold there gold assets in coins as they are easy to store and can be bought and sold more readily. Although the premium can be higher when purchasing gold-bullion coins initially (upto 10%) compared to bullion gold-bars.

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Silver Bullion

Silver as a form of currency or exchange dates back 6000 years and the ancient greeks minted silver coins. Precious metals such as silver have always been prized for their beauty and relative rarity. Many investors hold silver rounds (silver coins) that are available most commonly in 1 ounce sizes of purity .999 fine silver.

Platinum Precious Metals Information

The rarity of Platinum and the constantly increasing demand for this precious metal makes it an exciting investment for the fuuture. The majority of Platinum mined today is from only two parts of the world. These regions are to the north or the capital of South Africa and in the far north of Siberia in Russia. Platinum is available in bullion platinum bars and various countries mint platinum coinage, such as Isle of Man 1oz Noble, Australian Koala, Canadian Maple Leaf & Chinese Panda available in various platinum weights. This metal is now used extensively in the jewellery trade and has become the preffered jewellers choice for Diamond setting.

Gold Price going into 2015 after 2011 High
Since the High of the Gold Market in September 2011 Gold has dropped significantly . . . Positive signs are begining to indicate a Bull market turnaround for Gold as we go further into 2015 . . .
Silver Applications and Recycling Scrap Silver
Silver has a multitude of uses in domestic situations, the jewellery sector and industry . . . Waste and unwanted Silver can be recycled quickly and easily in return for cash or payment in bullion if preferred . . .
Gold Market Prices Fall Early 2011
With the world finally showing revival signs, the investor favoured yellow metal saw a deep cut in demand leading to its fall . . .
Silver American Eagle Hit Record Sales in January 2011
With the American Silver Eagle (SAE) coin sales totalling a 4,558,000 in January this year . . . Silver market prices are down in early 2011 . . .
Gold and Precious Metals Investment
With the recent dip in Gold Market Prices it may present a Buying opportunity to purchase some investment physical Gold Bullion . . .

Palladium Investment Bullion Price Fix Charts Metals History

Palladium has various applications in the electronics industry, dental industry, jewelry sector as well as for investment. The automotive industry also used palladium in the manufacture of catalytic convertors. Palladium is available in bullion bar form from major refiners such as Pamp suisse & Credit suisse at .9995 fine palladium purity. Some palladium coins (bullion rounds) are also available, Portuguese 100 Escudos and 200 Escudos 1 ounce palladium coins. Tonga palladium rounds bullion coinage come in various weights and denominations of Tongalese currency Hau. Palladium use in jewellery is mostly in white gold alloys. Palladium 950 purity jewellery offers a more affordable alternative to platinum white metal and has been successful competing against white gold due to its higher purity usually 95 percent.

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